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Bross Hotel

Delta County

The 1906 Bross Hotel is architecturally significant as the only two-story Late Victorian style hotel, of its era, remaining in Paonia.  It provided accommodations to Paonia visitors, investors, fruit brokers and associates of the Westmoreland Coal Company and many others.  William T. Bross built the hotel by making about 100,000 bricks on site from the clay excavated from the cellar.

A photo of the house with gabled roof and inset windows above a covered balcony and porch below.

Bross Hotel 

When it opened a local newspaper referred to it as Delta County’s "only really first class hotel."  During its early years numerous social and civic meetings and events were held at the hotel.  The Bross family owned and operated the hotel into the late 1930s.  It continued in operation until 1969 when it closed as a hotel for a period.  The Bross Hotel operates as a bed and breakfast.