Cyrilla and Edith Meis (seated) with their Centennial Farm certificate.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Cyrilla and Edith Meis Farm

Yuma County

Conrad and Anna Meis purchased the farm in December of 1915. A year later, Conrad, Anna, and their children: Leo, Clatus, and Cyrilla moved from Elgin, Nebraska to their farm near Yuma, Colorado. They moved machinery, household goods, and livestock by train. The farm consisted of 320 acres, a house and a shed where they stored equipment and livestock. Three additional children were born: Raymond, Norbert, and Edith. Using a team of horses the family raised corn, wheat, and small grains as well as cattle, hogs, and chickens.

Cyrilla and Edith Meis Farm family with their Centennial Farm sign.

Cyrilla and Edith Meis Farm family.

History Colorado.

As the years passed, Conrad built the granary, chicken coop, and barn. Raymond and Norbert served their country in World War II. When Norbert returned from the service he began farming the land, gradually changing crops to wheat only. In 1946, the house burned down and Conrad rebuilt the house. Anna passed away in 1961 and Conrad passed in 1976. Norbert farmed the land until he retired in 2008 at which time the land was rented to others. Edith and Cyrilla continue to live on the farm and operate it.