Dickinson family members (seated) with their Centennial Farms certificate.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Dickinson Farm and Ranch

Logan County

Daniel E. and Mary Dickinson purchased the farm on October 2nd, 1913. The Dickinson farm is located on the Colorado Nebraska state line, northeast of Crook, Colorado.

Daniel, progressive and industrious, improved the farm. He added outbuildings and installed the first home electric system in the area with a 32 volt wind charger. This was later replaced with an engine-driven system with large glass batteries that provided the standard 110 volt system. He purchased the first Baldwin Gleaner combine in the area and had the most modern tractors and farm equipment. He worked hard and was able to purchase other farm ground. Daniel, his son, Glenn, and his grandson, Daniel worked the farm; Danny, the third generation still raises wheat and feed for their cattle on the farm.

Danny and Cookie Dickinson stand by their ranch sign.
Dickinson Farm and Ranch family.
A grainy, historic aerial view of the Dickinson Farm and Ranch.
A present day aerial view of the Dickinson Farm and Ranch showing a mix of new and old buildings.