Grants Awarded

Dorje Dzong - Physicians Building - PIC Building - Boulder Shambhala Center

Boulder County

Built in 1905, featured a unique design for its function as a medical office building in the Renaissance Revival style. Throughout the 20th century it served as a medical office, investment company office, and finally as a Buddhist center. Between 1977 and 1995 it was known as “Dorje Dzong,” which is Tibetan for “indestructible fortress.”

In 1995 it was renamed the Boulder Shambhala Center. It is designated as historic by the city, state, and in the National Register of Historic Places. This SHF grant will help remediate leaking water on the property by addressing issues with the roof, roof drainage system, and the chimneys, preventing critical damage to the property that might compromise both its use and its historic integrity.