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Elliott Farms

Rio Grande County

William Sanderson and family moved from Hamilton Missouri to Monte Vista in Rio Grande County in 1907, a time when land developers and the railroad were encouraging migration to the San Luis valley.  The Sandersons acquired 160 acres in 1908.

Elliot Farms family.

Elliot Farms family.

History Colorado.

Son Vernon farmed with his father and brothers but bought the property for himself and his wife Loretta Dantice who had moved to the Valley with her family in 1904.  Their daughter Wilma and husband Thad C. Elliot bought the land and expanded by buying additional acreage.  The land has seen many years of potato crops and a long progression of planting, irrigating, harvesting and storage in adobe cellars.  Today the Farm consists of four sections worked by Thad R. and Deanne Elliot who grow potatoes and barley and still use the 1916 house and 1930’s garage and barn.

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