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Ernest Knoll Farm

Weld County

Ernest and Pearl Knoll purchased a 160-acre homestead relinquishment near New Raymer in 1913 and quickly built a homestead shack on the west side of the property. 

Members of Ashbaugh Farm.

Members of Ashbaugh Farm.

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The following spring, they moved the shack to the north side as grandma wanted to be farther from the neighbors.  Shortly thereafter, they dug a well and built a windmill, where they stored perishables and chilled drinking water in an earth-insulated barrel.  Later they added a dugout, chicken house, drive-through granary, and a bank barn.  For the first few years, Ernest traveled three days by horse to Berthoud to plant crops on his father’s farm while Pearl and the neighbors took care of the farm.  They produced wheat, barley, oats, corn, hog millet, and sorghum and milled their flour in New Raymer where they sold their eggs and cream.  Ernest and Pearl had seven children, one of whom, Orville, purchased the farm in the early 1960s after Ernest’s passing.  In 1981 Ellis and Patricia bought the farm and are still living in the old home place.