Marshall Fulbright on his horse on the family farm during the 1940s.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Fulbright Family Farm

Las Animas County

The original Fulbright homestead of 320 acres was homesteaded by B.F. chandler, the great grandfather of Lee Fulbright, who owns the farm today.  The first house was a former mining house of stone and lumber from near Trinidad.  It was moved from just over one-quarter mile away to its current location.  In the 1930s, rocks from the original house were used to construct the current sheds and barns.

Over the years, the farm has produced wheat, beans, maize, and cattle feed.  Historically they also raised cattle, a business which continues today.  The farm's acreage has varied over the years and is now up to 800 acres.

A front view of the house in the 1930s or 1940s.
An atmospheric black-and-white photo of the Fulbright Family Farm in 2017 showing the house and outbuildings with the dog, Cruiser, in the foreground.
The wash house, chicken house and garden shed in 2017.  The wash house was built in the 1930s.
Mothers and children on the Fulbright Farm in the 1950s.
Original fence posts and wire fence from 1917.
Marshall Fulbright in the 1940s on the Fulbright Family Farm.
Marshall Fulbright holding Connie on the Fulbright Family Farm, 1949.
Toddler Connie Fulbright in a wash tub outside the wash house on the farm, 1949.
Connie Fulbright in a stroller, 1950.
Small children, Carl and Connie Fulbright on the farm in 1951.
Members of the Fulbright family (seated) with their certificate.
Fulbright family with their Centennial farm sign.
A metal sign depicting a man on horseback and cattle, set against the Fulbright farm.