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Gayle and Richard Anderson Farm

Sedgwick County

In February 1911 Albert Anderson was one of the last open range cowboys when he bought 640 acres of Sedgwick County land that the previous owner had purchased from the Union Pacific Railroad.  Here he and wife Ruth began to farm and ranch before selling the land to Albert’s brother Benjamin in 1919, only to buy it back in 1926.

Gayle and Richard Anderson Farm members receiving their award.

Gayle and Richard Anderson Farm members.

History Colorado.

A well was dug in 1905 that, at 200 foot deep, provided good water and is still in use today. Son Gayle eventually took over the operations and with his wife Wilma raised corn, livestock, wheat - and son Richard.  One building on the land is older than Gayle himself, who is 86 years young.  Today father Gayle and son Richard continue to work the land on County Road 15.

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