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Holden Mining & Smelting Co.

Pitkin County

From 1891 to 1893, this smelting facility, also known as the Holden Lixiviation Works, played a significant role in the production of silver during Aspen’s silver mining boom. p

A building at the Holden Mining & Smelting Co. on a snowy day, 2000.

A building at the Holden Mining & Smelting Co., 2000.

History Colorado.

The approximately 2½-acre district encompasses the most important components associated with the operation.  The lixiviation process employed salt in the leaching of silver from the ores extracted from nearby mines.  The 1½-story wood frame sampling works building, measuring 77 in length and 42 feet in width, and a portion of a one-story salt shed remain on the site.  Large portions of the sandstone foundation are all that remain of the multi-story mill building which appears to have been over 250 feet in length.  Listed under Historic Resources of Aspen and Mining Industry in Colorado Multiple Property Submissions.