Members of J.A. Lindahl & co. with their plaque.

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J.A. Lindahl & Co.

Washington County

Charles, Anna and Caroline Lindahl immigrated to the United States from Sweden in 1882, and by 1884 were homesteading a piece of land in Washington County near Akron.

Historic image showing the Lindahl family with a two horse buggy.

Historic image of the Lindahl homestead.

Photo courtesy of J.A.Lindahl & Co.
Barn at the J.A. Lindahl & Co. farm.

Barn on the J.A. Lindahl & Co. farm.

Photo courtesy of J.A. Lindahl & Co.

The property was later passed down to Charles, son John and then to his son Carl who currently owns and works the land.  Today 300 acres are pasture land, running a 30 cow/calf operation and 160 acres are dry land farm raising wheat and hay.

The original homestead house.

The original homestead house.

Photo courtesy of J.A. Lindahl & Co.

Several historic buildings are still in place including Anna’s original homestead house, a barn, three chicken houses and a metal shop.  A windbreak was planted in 1948 which still provides a valuable service on days when the wind blows.

J.A. Lindahl & Co. interview with BARN Media.