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John Allen Ranch LLC

Moffat County

The original 320 acres of Moffat County land were homesteaded in 1911 by Olive and George Boughton.  In 1917 the ranch grew by 320 acres when the homestead of Tom Allen, who Olive married after George had died, was added. 

John Allen Ranch LLC Centennial Ranch certificate

John Allen Ranch LLC Centennial Ranch certificate.

History Colorado.

Additional acres were added over time, including in 1969 when John Allen was able to buy back 1300 acres which had been lost by the family to the Federal Land Bank during the 1930s.  Life in early years involved milking cows, raising chickens, and putting up hay.  Olive was known to have skinned coyotes when times were tough in order to make the land payments.  In the 1920s two homesteading cabins built in Great Divide, Colorado, were purchased and moved to the land.  By the 1930s the land had passed to son Arthur and his wife Leona Allen.

Today the ranch has grown to 2900 acres and is owned by John (grandson of George) and Mary Lou Allen, who raised sons Wayne, with wife Jodie, and Lynn, with wife Ali, to appreciate their heritage.  Neighbors raise wheat and hay on some of the land.  Several of the historic buildings are in use, including the homes, two 1930s barns and granaries, various metal buildings, root cellar, pump house, chicken house, and the ever important outhouse.  The A-Over- B- Lazy J and the Lazy A- Inverted A-Connected have been associated with the ranch.

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