Kanode Ranch viewed from across the road, amongst the trees on a cloudy day.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Kanode Ranch

Weld County

The original 160 acres of Kanode Ranch was purchased by George and Myrtle Spicer in 1917. It was then sold to their daughter, Edith, and her husband Keithley Lamm, who also bought more land on which to raise wheat and feed crops.  They milked cows, raised chickens to sell eggs, and ran a cow-calf herd.

After Keithley's death, Mary, his daughter, and her husband Dean Kanode moved back onto the ranch, buying it in 1974 and continuing to raise cattle.

Through each generation the property has grown to its current size of 1640 acres. Not only has the love of the prairie and raising livestock been passed down, but a desire to be involved in agriculture is now present in the 6th generation.

Members of the Kanode family with their Centennial Farm sign.
Historic photo of the Kanode Ranch house.
Historic photo of an old building on the ranch.
View across the ranch from a high point.