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Kidd Ranch

Crowley County

Henry Brand, his wife Lottie and two of their children Minnie and George came from Nebraska and settled north of Sugar City in Crowley County in 1911.  Here claims were filed on four 320 acre homesteads which were proved up and patents received in 1912.

Kidd Ranch family at the Colorado State Fair.

Kidd Ranch family.

History Colorado.

Minnie married Ralph Cline, who had homesteaded 320 acres close by, in 1919.  Ralph died to tuberculosis in 1932 leaving Minnie to raise the three children; Alice, Lois and Ralph Jr. Together they farmed and raised cattle and survived through the dust bowl and depression.  Alice married and left the ranch while Minnie, Lois and Ralph continued to work the ranch until 1946 at which time Ralph moved into Ordway.  Alice married Emerson Kidd in 1947 and started taking care of the ranch.  Minnie Cline fully deeded the ranch to Alice Kidd in 1968.  In 2008 Alice Kidd deeded her 1321 acre ranch to her sons Gary and Rick.  Today the ranch is now a contiguous 3135 acres where Gary and Rick use the land for livestock grazing.

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