Historic photo of the Koch Farm dairy delivery van.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Koch Farm

Pueblo County

John and Conrad Wyss immigrated from Switzerland in the early 1900s and settled in Pueblo County, Colorado where they owned and operated “Swiss Dairy.”

An old woman and small boy amongst flowers in an historic photo of the Koch Farm.  The original milk barn is in the background.

Two family members with the original milk barn in the background.

Photo courtesy of the Koch Farm.

The two traded land they already owned and cash for the acreage on the St. Charles Mesa in August 1914. There they built their original milk barn where they continued to deliver milk and eggs into town. The original milk barn burned down in 1935 and a smaller milk and horse barn was built in 1936 to replace it. Anton Koch, another Swiss immigrant, came to work on the dairy farm in the early 1920’s and married John Wyss’s daughter, Anna in 1925.

Anton and Anna’s son, John, later took on the farm operation in 1961 when his father passed away. At this time the dairy herd numbered around 40 and the farm also had a few beef cows, rabbits, pigs, and chickens. John married Kay Rose in 1958 and the two had three children, Mark, Barbara, and Paul. Mark took over the farm operation after his father. Today the farm now grows alfalfa for hay.

Members of the Koch family (seated) with their Centennial Farm certificate.
Historic photo showing a young John Koch outside the 1914 farmhouse with "Old Tom".
The original 1914 farmhouse in 2016.
Chicken houses on the Koch Farm, built in 1930.
A 2016 photo of the 1935 machine shed.
Historic photo showing grandpa John Wyss with grandson John Koch.  A Whippet car is on the right side of the picture.
John Koch on a John Deere tractor in 1946.
A view across a field towards outbuildings at the Koch Farm, 2016.
Koch Farm dairy and horse barns, built in 1936.
Koch Farm family with their Centennial Farm sign.