Members of the McCracken Farm (seated) with their certificate.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

McCracken Farms

Washington County

John Zendner homesteaded the first section of the future McCracken Farms in 1917. Finding his first water well caused him so much frustration eventually he threw his hat and said “This is where I am digging the next hole.” He found water where his hat had landed. The Farm is now 1,740 acres. They sold all their cattle in 1998 and now farm wheat and millet.

McCracken Farms family with their Centennial Farm sign.
A photograph of the McCracken Farms in the early 1950s.
Photo overlooking McCracken Farms in the early 1950s.
McCracken Farms aerial view, 2000.
McCracken Farms aerial view, 2016.