National and State Register

McIntire Ranch

Conejos County

The McIntire Ranch has the potential to yield information important to our understanding about the layout patterns of ranch complexes.  The site has a high archaeological potential for addressing gender-related research questions. 

The ruins of a building at McIntire Ranch, 2006.

McIntire Ranch, 2006.

Comparing economic strategies and consumer behaviors practiced by owner Florence McIntire from around 1880 to 1912 could lead to a better understanding of use patterns on the site prior to and after her divorce.  The use patterns may also help to define her role as the owner of the ranch.  The main house exemplifies Territorial Adobe construction, blending Hispano and Anglo building traditions.  The house exhibits an unusual method of adobe construction, utilizing molded adobe comparable in size to standard bricks laid in a common bond with five courses of stretchers to one course of headers.  Header courses tie together the three-brick-wide walls.  Despite deteriorating conditions, the unusual adobe construction is visible in the many standing walls and the house can still physically convey its Territorial Adobe elements as seen in its plan, Italianate window openings with decorative hood molds, and interior layout.