National and State Register

Mitchell Springs Ruin Group

Montezuma County

This prehistoric community was occupied from at least AD 800 to the mid-13th century.  It may yield important discoveries relating to social history, agriculture, architecture, commerce, and community planning and development.  Although much has been backfilled to preserve and protect the resources, it contains a range of architectural styles associated with all three Pueblo periods.

A collection of pottery inside a case with a pitcher on the left and bowls on the right before a box containing smaller fragments. There is a mirror in the back of the case reflecting everything within.

Mitchell Springs Ruin Group (2009 photograph.)

Two significant features include an unusually large kiva and a unique D-shaped tri-wall structure.  It also played a major role in the development of the Prudden "unit pueblo" concept, a basic architectural form for these prehistoric people.  Listed under the Great Pueblo Period of the McElmo Drainage Unit, AD 1075-1300 Multiple Property Submission.