Members of the Muhme Farm (seated) with their certificate.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Muhme Farm

Weld County

Muhme Farm began in 1917 with Fred Muhme. Historically, the family farmed corn, Coors brewing barley, wheat, sugar beets, pinto beans and sunflowers. Today, their major crops include alfalfa hay and silage corn.

Members of the Peppler family, descendants of Fred Muhme, with their Centennial Farms sign.
A quartet of historic photos showing farming practices on the Muhme Farm.
Historic photo of a tractor tilling a field.
A man stands next to a modern day tractor.
Historic photo showing two men standing next to, and on, farm equipment.
A silo with the word "Perfection" on it.
Muhme corner, the intersection of Highway 66 and Colorado Boulevard, today.
A sile, a house and other out buildings on the Muhme Farm.