Grants Awarded

St. Cajetan’s Church (Denver)

Denver County

Built in 1925, the Spanish Colonial style St. Cajetan's Church was the first Hispanic parish in Denver and served the area's Spanish-speaking Catholic community until 1973 when construction of the Auraria Higher Education Center campus prompted the congregation to relocate.

Looking up at the front of St. Cajetan's Church.

St. Cajetan's Church, Denver.

Photo courtesy of grant application.

Today the church serves as a multi-purpose building, hosting lectures, concerts, recitals, and other community events, but many of the building's original windows are in need of rehabilitation. 

Grant 15-02-014

With funding from the State Historical Fund, the Auraria Higher Education Center added exterior storm windows and protective glazing to improve energy efficiency and reduce the amount of required maintenance on the historic windows so that the building may continue to serve its community effectively.

Grant 17-02-023

The St. Cajetan's Church Window, Door, and ADA Ramp Rehabilitation Project rehabilitated and preserved the church windows and door on the exterior of the church at the Auraria Campus. The windows and doors were in need of major repair work and maintenance after years of heavy use. In addition, the ADA ramp on the southeast side of the building was worn out and needed to be replaced. The ramp was decaying and did not set a comfortable entry into the much-loved main chapel space of St. Cajetan's. Replacing the ramp allowed the venue to continue to host many community focused events in the building while providing access to all visitors.