National and State Register

Von Gohren-Thompson Homestead / Gerry Farm Rural Historic Landscape

Weld County

The Von Gohren-Thompson Homestead – Gerry Farm is significant in the area of agriculture for its long association with the development of irrigated farming and livestock feeding in Weld County.  The property meets the registration requirements as specified in the Multiple Property Documentation Form Historic Farms and Ranches of Weld County, being associated with the historic context Irrigated Farming in Weld County, 1870 - 1940 with the farm property type represented. 

A picture of the house with tall gabled roof,pitched roof on the lower left and covered porch beneath.

Von Gohren-Thompson Homestead / Gerry Farm Rural Historic Landscape

Additionally, the property is architecturally significant with the main farmhouse being an excellent example of the Gable Front house with a slight modification to the classic example with the addition of a noticeable side wing.  Although the Gable Front house was very popular at the time and often found in pattern books, the Thompson family modified it by adding the side wing to the west and a rear wing on the north.  A wing on the back of the house for the kitchen was a common addition to the vernacular form.  Finally, the property is important in the area of non-aboriginal archaeology for its potential to yield information important to history.