Weirich Ranch Family with their Centennial Ranch award.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Weirich Ranch

Kiowa County

In the early 1910s John Weirich homesteaded 160 acres in Kiowa County.  By 1913 Jacob F. and Emma Weirich had added more acreage, both by homesteading, and the family continued to expand the land through homesteading by Jacob’s son Wayne and his brothers Jack and Bob.

Historic photo of a boy, his dog, and his horse on the Weirich Ranch.

Historic photo of ranch life.

Photo courtesy of the Weirich Ranch.

In 2004 Michael Weirich bought the land from his uncle Jack, and in 2011 siblings Barbara, Mark, and Michael purchased the remaining land, building the holdings to 16,280 acres owned and additional acres being leased. 

Historic photo of a boy on a tractor at the Weirich Ranch.

Boy on a tractor at the Weirich Ranch.

Photo courtesy of the Weirich Ranch

Over the past century, the main products of the ranch have been cattle, wheat, and milo.  Today several historic buildings are still in use, including the 1914 original house and 1920s barn.