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Lost Highways: Dispatches from the Shadows of the Rocky Mountains

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Transcript from "Ride or Die" podcast

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After a year of collecting stories and production, History Colorado has launched its new documentary podcast, Lost Highways: Dispatches from the Shadows of the Rocky Mountains. Writer Noel Black and Producer Tyler Hill set out to discover their home state of Colorado through stories they can’t believe they’ve never heard before. Every other week, Lost Highways will provide fresh context for dialogues and debates that have shaped our world. 

Lost Highways is presented by the Sturm Family Foundation.

Season one explores the roots of familiar contemporary topics such as talk-radio culture, same-sex marriage, and American Indian mascots. It also mines insights from stories on Japanese incarceration and forced relocation during World War II, minority settlements, and the “Red Elvis,” a man who might have been John Denver before he defected to cold-war East Germany.

Tyler Hill and Noel Black

Tyler Hill (left) and Noel Black

credit: Matt Chmielarczyk

Producers and hosts Noel Black and Tyler Hill, both veterans of public radio—and Coloradans—bring high standards and authentic voices to the project.

Multiple community listening sessions will provide a forum for insight and dialogue in the first season. Details are published via History Colorado on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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