Moving Image Use Policy

Collections Use Conditions

  1. History Colorado does not hold copyright for all items in the moving image collection. Any questions of copyright that arise are the responsibility of the user. History Colorado will endeavor to provide as much copyright information as it possesses for any given item.

  2. Departmental policies determine access to collection items. History Colorado reserves the right to restrict reproduction or use of rare or valuable material, and to ensure that any use is consistent with the mission of History Colorado and any donor stipulations. 

  3. Moving image footage may be used only as described in the Collections Use Agreement. Permission is granted when the Collections Use Agreement is signed and dated by both parties, all fees are paid, and all conditions have been met. For footage requiring digitization, payment for all shipping & handling must be received in advance of moving image collection items being sent to History Colorado’s preferred contractor.

  4. Rights for single, one time use are granted unless otherwise stated on the agreement. Further use of any kind requires written permission from History Colorado and may require additional fees. Rights are not transferable without written permission.

  5. Moving image footage must be credited as described in the Collections Use Agreement. Credit must accompany the footage in a caption or credit screen. Preferred credit to read: “Collection Name or Accession #, History Colorado.”

  6. Footage may not be resold, reused, transferred, or donated to another individual or repository without written permission from History Colorado.

  7. For digitized footage, licensing fees are assessed on a per-second basis, the intended use, distribution, and the non-profit status of the user. At this time we are only able to provide the full high resolution file and patrons must pay a reproduction fee for those files based on running time. Licensing fees are assessed only for actual footage used.

  8. For footage requiring digitization, licensing fees are assessed on a per-item basis. These fees are non-refundable and History Colorado makes no guarantee as to the content or condition of the film or video to be transferred. Users are responsible for all costs of digitization, including any necessary preservation work, and digital master and access copies for History Colorado’s collection. Digitization costs are payable directly to History Colorado’s preferred third-party contractor and are in addition to any licensing fees payable to History Colorado. In certain cases, it may be possible to receive more information about a film or video and a price quote from the third-party contractor prior to paying licensing fees to History Colorado.

If you have any questions about our moving image collection, policies, or fees, please contact us at or (303) 866-3759.