Bold Women Symposium Call for Proposals

Have a proposal for a panel at the Bold Women symposium? Topics are open and proposals are sought on all subject matter encompassing the theme of uncovering women’s history in unexpected places. Submit your proposal using the form below.

The Bold Women. Change History. Symposium will on February 26, 2022 from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm at the History Colorado Center. The goal of this event is to inspire people from all walks of life to approach women’s history through a broader and more critical lens, to challenge its iconic narratives and myths, and to examine the intersections of race, gender, socio-economic conditions, religion and citizenship in women’s history. 

Proposals can be submitted by a group of speakers on one topic or individually submitted and a panel will be assembled accordingly. 

Suggestions can include such varied topics as sharing women’s history through art, architecture,  archaeology, culinary history and interactions with the land, re-examining traditional archives in new ways, and more. The deadline for proposal submissions is November 15, 2021.