Office of Archaeology & Historic Preservation Fee Increase

The Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation is introducing changes to its fee structure, effective July 1, 2018.

Some Background

In 1994 OAHP raised the price of a file search from $6.00 per section to its current $8.00 per section. In order to catch up with the cost of living, for the first time in 24 years, OAHP is raising its rates. Other commodities have not remained as stagnant.  For instance:

  • In 1994 the average cost of a new home was $119,050.00, in 2018 it's $372,167.00
  • In 1994 the average cost of a gallon of gas was $1.09, in 2018 it's $2.49
  • Want to see a movie in 1994? It would have set you back an average of $4.18.  In 2018 that's gone up to $9.18
  • A loaf of bread cost about $1.59 in 1994, a dozen eggs were $0.86, and a gallon milk was $2.88.  The prices of these staples in 2018 are $2.50, $2.00 and $3.50 respectively.

The Changes


What remains the same:

If you are, or work for, a non-profit organization, an educational organization, Certified Local Government, or a Mainstreet program, you will still have access to Compass for free. 

What changes:

If you work for an agency that has multiple offices, branches, etc., each office, branch, etc., will be charged for a Compass subscription.

New Compass Annual Membership

# of Employees

Compass Subscription Price







Staff Run File Searches

There are two different types of file searches that staff completes.  A basic file search is one based on locational information; a custom file search is one based on any criteria other than location.

New Basic File Search Fees
  • Fee for basic file searches = Base Fee + Site/Survey Fee + Expedited fees if applicable.
  • Search Base Fee: $20.00  
  • For each site or survey found in the requested search area the following charges apply:
    • 0-5 sites/surveys = No Charge;
    • $1.00 for each site/survey after 5
  • Expedited Search: ≤ 3 business days as time permits additional $100.00
New Custom File Search Fees
  • Custom Searches minimum $40.00 per request + Shape/Site Fees. (Contact OAHP for custom search request options and to determine fees.)
Digital Reproductions

If your request (scanned document) size is,

  • Under 1 MB = No Charge
  • ≥ 1MB $3.00 per MB


$12.00 to $40.00 depending on class materials.  Please contact the State PAAC Coordinator if you have questions.