Past Stephen H. Hart Award Recipients

Crested Butte Museum

Crested Butte Museum

History Colorado

2020 Stephen H. Hart Award Winners

  • Governor’s Award: Crossan’s M&A Market
  • State Historic Preservation Officer Award: Chimney Rock National Monument
  • State Archaeologist Award: Magic Mountain Archaeological Site
  • Stephen H. Hart Award:  Bosler-Yankee
  • Stephen H. Hart Award:  Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum
Corral on the Tarryall Rural Historic District.

Tarryall Rural Historic District.

Photo courtesy of Park county.

2019 Stephen H. Hart Award Winners

  • Governor’s Award: Tarryall Rural Historic District National Register Nomination
  • State Historic Preservation Officer Award: State Historic Preservation Tax Credit Renewal
  • State Archaeologist Award: Rough Canyon Archaeology Education and Service Day
  • Stephen H. Hart Award: Fruitdale School in Wheat Ridge
  • Stephen H. Hart Award:  Lowry Pueblo National Historic Landmark
The Ute Ulay Damn over Henson Creek

The Ute-Ulay Mine and Mill is a significant site of historic mining activity.

Jon Horn

2018 Stephen H. Hart Award Winners

  • Governor’s Award: Lake County Open Space Initiative: 20 Years of Preservation Place
  • State Historic Preservation Officer Award: Ute-Ulay Mine and Mill
  • State Archaeologist Award: Arrowhead Ridge
  • Stephen H. Hart Award: Bromley Farm/Koizuma-Hishinuma Farm
  • Stephen H. Hart Award: Coal Creek School

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