Preservation Planning

Information about preservation planning.

A handbook that outlines how Colorado implements the Certified Local Government partnership. Application included.

A brief overview of the CLG program.

A summary of the statewide plan for historic preservation.

Colorado Preservation 2020 Plan (1508)
Colorado’s statewide plan for historic preservation.

Advice to local historic preservation commissions on how to make decisions, frame motions, and keep written records which are defensible in a court of law. Published by the National Center for Preservation Law.

Examples showing what private owners and developers are doing to interpret rehabilitated historic buildings, and how they are making money in the process.

A booklet illustrating how Certified Local Government grants can be used to fund innovative historic preservation projects.

National Park Service brochure explaining how state and local governments can obtain historic buildings once used by the federal government at no cost, and adapt them for new uses.