Press Release

Statement Regarding History Colorado's Performance Audit

On July 15, 2014, History Colorado CEO Ed Nichols testified before the Colorado State Joint Legislative Audit Committee about recent recommendations coming out of History Colorado’s performance audit conducted this spring.

During this hearing, History Colorado agreed to follow the audit team’s recommendations, which include updating accounting procedures and conducting additional staff training on the use of specific expense codes and procurement transactions.  

History Colorado hired a new Controller earlier this year, who has 18 years of experience at other state agencies, who is implementing new policy manuals and training that will insure accounting matters of cost allocation, internal controls and board reporting were being given full attention.

Unfortunately, there have been media reports that misstate the facts of both the audit and today’s meeting regarding use of state credit cards and misinterpret the decrease in State Historic Fund grants.  History Colorado wants to be clear that any issues regarding the use of state credit cards was not related to the misuse of funds, but rather mistakes in accounting and coding expenditures.  In addition, references to a decrease in percentage and amount of funds awarded through State Historic Fund grants are a result of legislative actions, such as the Capitol dome restoration and other projects that are used to preserve Colorado’s historical assets, but not awarded through grants.

In each of the areas cited in the performance audit, there were no concerns of fraud or mal intent, and History Colorado deems the recommendations in each of these areas as useful guide posts to actions where we can improve our performance. We are committed to continuing to deliver quality service to the State and our audiences in presenting Colorado’s history and preservation programs. Thank you for continued support of History Colorado.