Press Release

History Colorado welcomes Marissa Volpe as Community Outreach Director

DENVER  – History Colorado continues leadership transformation with the addition of Marissa Volpe. She will be introduced in this new role on February 1, 2018.

History Colorado is eager to embrace Volpe’s inspirational vision around hope. Hope is often related to the things of our future; however, hope is deeply rooted in our past.

“I have consistently been inspired by communities’ stories of hope and resilience,” says Volpe. “I am energized to work alongside the staff of History Colorado to bring forth encouraging narratives of Colorado’s diverse people shaping Colorado history.”

Volpe brings 10 years of experience in diversity and inclusivity after many previous experiences. She has served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Central America, where she established a peer-to-peer youth training program and worked to adapt early childhood education to provide bilingual education services.

Most recently, she led programming for diverse communities living with Alzheimer’s disease in Colorado. By creating trainings on Alzheimer’s disease, she was able to engage various faith communities including the Denver Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities. Additionally, she worked closely with Telemundo to create media strategies to reach Latinos living with Alzheimer’s disease and planned related specialty events in connection with AARP, Anschutz Medical Center, and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

“We are excited for Marissa to join our team at History Colorado,” says History Colorado Executive Director Steve Turner. “Her skill set and experience will help us to engage diverse communities and allow us to continue to diversify the voices and stories in our collections, programs, and exhibits.”