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Center for Colorado Women’s History selects three scholars for fall fellowship

DENVER (July 23, 2018) – The Center for Colorado Women’s History at the Byers-Evans House has selected three scholars for its inaugural Women’s History Fellowship beginning in September 2018. The fellows were selected based on their proposals to expand the understanding of Colorado women’s history through new work highlighting women’s contributions to the history of the state. The fellows will work at the historic Byers-Evans House in Denver.

“The Center’s mission is to broaden the memory of the history of women in Colorado,” said Jillian Allison, director of the Center for Colorado Women’s History. “These fellows will make stories of Colorado women more inclusive, accessible, and immersive. We are thrilled to welcome these three women to the Center this fall.”

Kali Fajardo-Anstine is a Denver-based author. She will use her fellowship to continue research for her novel, Woman of Light, a book that explores the lives of mixed-race Latina women in the early American West. Woman of Light follows the migration of the Lopez family from southern Colorado to Denver during the first half of the twentieth century. It will be published by Random House in 2020.

Kelly Rogers Denzler is a secondary educator of French, history, and women’s studies in Denver. In her fellowship, Rogers Denzler will research and produce a number of first-person narrative audio tours of the Byers-Evans House from the perspective of women from Colorado history. The audio tours will add a new type of immersion for visitors to the Center for Colorado Women’s History.

The third fellow, Natalia Zreliak, is the Editor-in-Chief of the Regis University Highlander. Her fellowship work will be an oral history project to mark the 120th anniversary of the Denver Woman’s Press Club. The Denver Woman’s Press Club was founded in 1898 by Rocky Mountain News reporter Minnie J. Reynolds. Zreliak’s project will take a deeper look into the club’s history by conducting video oral history interviews with current and former members about their experiences as woman writers, the historic publishing environment, and contributions to the women’s writing community in Denver.

The Center for Colorado Women’s History is located inside the historic Byers-Evans House Museum at 1310 Bannock St. in Denver. For more information on the Center for Colorado Women’s History, call 303-620-4933, or visit the Center’s Facebook page.

About Center for Colorado Women’s History

The Center for Colorado Women’s History is the first state museum focused on the past, present and future achievements of Colorado women. The Women’s History Center focuses on scholarship, research, public programs, narrative, lectures and exhibits that expand the understanding and collective memory of the history of women in Colorado. The Center for Colorado Women’s History at Byers-Evans House is a Community Museum of History Colorado.