Press Release

Avondale Memory Project collecting community photos

PUEBLO, Colo. (January 17, 2019) — The Avondale Resident Team and El Pueblo History Museum will host a photo collection day as part of the Avondale Memory Project on Saturday, January 26, from 10 am to 3 pm, at McHarg Community Center at 405 2nd Lane in Avondale. The session will be led by Dawn DiPrince and José Ortega.

For this collection day, current and former residents of Avondale are invited to bring up to 10 images that represent life and history in the community to be digitally scanned and preserved. Participants are welcome to bring photos of families, weddings, community events, sports, important places, people working at farms or the Army Depot, and other personal history. Museum quality image files will be provided to participants and the original photos will be returned the same day. The images collected during this session and over the coming months may become part of a future exhibit at El Pueblo History Museum.

The Avondale Memory Project is a community-based public history program, part of the Museum of Memory at El Pueblo History Museum. Other memory projects in Pueblo have included Eilers Heights, Salt Creek, and Dog Patch, which is currently underway.

The Avondale Resident Team is a project of the Colorado Trust. The Colorado Trust is a health foundation dedicated to ending inequalities that affect racial, ethnic, low-income and other vulnerable populations. For information on the Colorado Trust, visit

El Pueblo History Museum showcases the city's history and the region's many cultural and ethnic groups. The property includes a re-created adobe trading post and plaza, and the archeological excavation site of the original 1842 El Pueblo trading post. El Pueblo History Museum is a Community Museum of History Colorado. For information on the museum, visit here.