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Healy House Museum & Dexter Cabin in Leadville Welcomes New Director

Hannah Cary brings a lifetime connection to the High Country and passion for local history to Healy House

LEADVILLE — June 20, 2024 — History Colorado is excited to announce the hiring of a new director for the Healy House Museum & Dexter Cabin: Hannah Cary. Cary was selected as the director of the Healy House Museum & Dexter Cabin for her deep connection to the local community as a lifelong resident of Leadville, as well as her passion for history and appreciation for the unique stories and cultures of Colorado’s High Country.

Luke Perkins, Manager of Communications and Public Relations
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“Hannah’s strong roots in the community of Leadville makes her an incredible addition to the team at History Colorado and the perfect person to help reinvigorate the Healy House Museum & Dexter Cabin,” said Eric Carpio, chief community museum officer & director of Fort Garland Museum & Cultural Center. “In addition to her connection to the community, it was apparent during our extensive hiring process that Hannah has a lot of innovative ideas on how to reach locals and tourists alike through new events, activities, and future exhibitions.”

Cary’s previous work experience includes being a docent at the Healy House Museum & Dexter Cabin, and serving the Herald Democrat as office manager, copy editor, and staff historian, where she helped research and produce the long-running “Cloud City Chronicles” column, which reprints old happenings from the region.

“I'm incredibly proud of the part I've been able to play as a steward of Lake County's unique history through my work with History Colorado and the Herald Democrat,” Cary said. “I love being able to highlight lesser-known stories from Leadville and Twin Lakes' past and use them to connect with people from all walks of life.”

Cary is excited to continue her professional journey at History Colorado and to lend her expertise as a lifelong Leadville resident to telling the history of Lake County and beyond.

“I love history, and I love being able to share it with the public,” Cary said. “From science, language, entertainment, art, medicine, even the history of how we keep and tell our history, there's always some new aspect to discover, and I am so excited to be joining History Colorado's effort to preserve the legacies of the past so we can build a brighter future.”

The Healy House Museum & Dexter Cabin are currently open to the public Wednesday – Sunday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. In addition to highlighting the historic and scenic treasures of the storied mining town of Leadville, the Healy House Museum is currently exhibiting Unearthed: Voices of Leadville's Shanty Irish

Unearthed: Voices of Leadville’s Shanty Irish traces Leadville’s growth into one of the most important Irish immigrant communities in the United States and explores the persistence of first and second generation immigrant laborers as they struggled for a dignified existence. Created in collaboration with Dr. James Walsh, historian and professor in the Political Science department at the University of Colorado Denver, Unearthed sparks conversations about labor rights, discrimination, and the systemic poverty experienced by immigrants to this day. 

Access to Unearthed: Voices of Leadville’s Shanty Irish is included with general admission to Healy House Museum & Dexter Cabin ($10) or with an exhibition only ticket ($3), both of which can be purchased in-person at the museum.

About the Healy House Museum & Dexter Cabin
Built in 1878, the Healy House looks out over historic and scenic treasures of the storied mining town of Leadville. The grounds also include a historic garden with gazebo, and the historic Dexter Cabin built in 1879. The Healy House & Dexter Cabin is a community museum of History Colorado.

The museum is located at 912 Harrison Avenue, Leadville and is open Wednesday – Sunday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Visit or call 719-486-0487 for more information.

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