Reading Room Policies

Access to the library is free to everyone. Our collections, unless restricted, are available to all for use in the library.

The following rules are intended to provide equal access to all patrons and to ensure the protection of the State's documentary and cultural heritage for future generations.

  1. Please deposit personal belongings in a locker outside the Reading Room. Loose paper, pencils, laptops and tablets, cameras, and mobile phones are allowed in the Reading Room. Please leave the Reading Room to make or receive telephone calls.
  2. Please check in with the desk each time you enter the Reading Room.
  3. Food and drink are prohibited in the Reading Room. Visitors are asked to conduct themselves and their charges so that an environment conducive to research is preserved.
  4. Visitors are welcome to retrieve books and microfilm in the public areas of the Reading Room. All other materials must be requested in writing using request forms. Reading Room staff is happy to assist and advise researchers as to library holdings and use of indexes and catalogs.
  5. Visitors may request as much research material as is needed, but librarians will determine the number of items released to a patron at any time. Please return materials to the desk when you are finished consulting them. NOTE: materials are never circulated from this collection. There are no exceptions to this policy. FAILURE TO RETURN MATERIALS IS A CRIME UNDER THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF COLORADO.
  6. All copies of and from History Colorado collections must be obtained from library staff. No patron photocopying or scanning is permitted. Patrons may take photographs using a camera according to the terms of our Camera Use Policy. Library staff is responsible for all other copy services because fragile materials require trained handling, all copies must be identified as to source and location of the original, and some materials may be subject to copyright or collections restrictions. Library staff will provide forms and instructions on how to identify and order copies using our copy service. Copying is governed by the Photocopy Policy, written on the back of the request form. Use, distribution, or publication of reproductions requires written permission from History Colorado. The patron is responsible for compliance with copyright laws. Commercial use of images of or from History Colorado collections requires a fee.