Repository Information

According to the Historical, Prehistorical, and Archaeological Resources Act of 1973 (as amended 1990; C.R.S. 24-80-401ff), the State of Colorado claims title to all artifacts and specimens recovered from State, county, city, town, district, or other political subdivision of State lands. Most State artifacts and fossil collections are held in trust as part of a collaborative partnership with county and local museums or curatorial repositories to ensure long-term preservation and interpretation of these items. These institutions help to preserve, interpret and promote the natural and cultural inheritance of humanity in Colorado and work in close collaboration with the communities from which their collections originate as well as those they serve. These collections are managed consistent with the standards stipulated in the Rules and Procedures of Section 9 of 8 CCR 1504-7.  Those holding archaeological or paleontological collecting permits are required to facilitate the curation of recovered artifacts and specimens with the approved museum, curatorial repository or an on-site repository.


Todd McMahon
Staff Archaeologist/State Curation Coordinator