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Letter of Intent

To receive a competitive application, you must submit a Letter of Intent. We accept Letters of Intent on a rolling basis but we will accept your Letter of Intent up to 7 business days prior to your target application deadline. SHF staff will contact you upon receipt. To submit a Letter of Intent, send your answers to the following questions (one to two paragraphs each) to or complete this Google Form.

  • Provide your contact information.  Include name, phone number, and email address.
  • Identify the grant applicant's tax status (non-profit or government/public entity) and the property owner's tax status.
  • In what county is your resource/project located?
  • Describe the resource(s) that is the focus of your project. (100 words or less)
  • What is the designation level of the resource? (Local, State, National, Not Applicable, or Unsure/Unknown)
  • In brief words or phrases, list your anticipated tasks (Scope of Work).  Such as:
    • Restore Masonry
    • Rehabilitate Windows and Doors
    • Design, Produce, and Install Interpretative Sign
  • Will your grant request be more or less than $50,000?

Our staff will review the information within one business week and let you know if your project receives a green, yellow, or red light.

  • Green projects can proceed. You will receive a link to the competitive grant application.
  • Yellow projects meet with our staff to clarify project components. Staff will provide a green or red light following additional information.
  • Red projects do not align with our grant program’s requirements.

Non-Competitive Applications

Non-competitive grants do not require a Letter of Intent. Start a new non-competitive application below

Archaeological Assessment Grant

Historic Structure Assessment Grant

Micro Grant

Planning Grant

Survey Plan Grant

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