Dog at park


Our New Hires: They're Fabulous and Furry

Like many of you out there, the Curatorial Services and Collections Access team is at home sharing our workspaces with some new “coworkers.” In honor of National Pet Day, we thought we’d feature some of our newest “recruits”!

Opurrations Officer
Specialties: Experienced supervisor specializing in delegation and management.
(Kimberly Kronwall, Exhibits and Loan Registrar)

“Hooman” Resources
Specialties: Seasoned public speaker with proven networking skills. Endorsed for Empathy.
(Michaelina Schulze, Registration Assistant)

Purr-ject Manager
Specialties: Skilled manager who demands results while promoting work-life balance and self-care among staff.
(Shaun Boyd, Curator of Archives)

Warehouse Manager
Specialties: Schedule-oriented manager who maintains perimeter security and unwavering eye contact.
(Mark Nelson, Collections Manager)

Independent Contractor
Specialties: Self-motivated pest management professional and groundskeeper.  
(James Peterson, Assistant Curator for Artifacts)

Cleaning Coordinator
Specialties: Oversees floor-cleaning services after catered events. Endorsed for Thoroughness. 
(Melissa de Bie, Director of Collections Access)

Executive Director of Meow-spitality Services
Specialties: Industry leader in comfort quality control and food vendor relations.
(Ann Sneesby-Koch, Collections Access Coordinator for Serials)

Doggo Toy Collections Specialist
Specialties: Highly skilled professional trained in condition assessment and reorganization initiatives. Certification in bone analysis.
(Katie Bush, Digital Imaging Specialist)

Wellness Coach
Specialties: Motivational borker who encourages plenty of exercise, hydration, and snack intake.
(Bethany Williams, Collections Access Coordinator)

We would also like to acknowledge previous furry “associates” and the experiences they helped shape in Colorado history. You can explore more of Colorado’s whiskered compatriots here.

Burro and baby
Gandy Dancer
Specialties: Accomplishments include building the Pikes Peak Railroad by laying rail and participating in supply chain logistics.
Object ID: 86.200.368, William Henry Jackson collection

Adobe Acre resident
Copy Editor
Specialties: Active team-player specializing in layouts and proofreading.
Object ID: 2000.300.142, Winter Prather collection 

Naturalist and Interpreter
Specialties: Colorado Mountain Club living-history actor and trail guide. Endorsed for Public Speaking.
Object ID: 83.495.2.70, George Harvey, Jr. photograph album