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Where Is the Colorado Desperado? - Week 2

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Where Is the Colorado Desperado? 

See the answer to Week 1, then read the clues to guess Week 2.

Answer to Week 1 - Where was the Colorado Desperado? 

Colorado Springs!

Founded in 1871 as Fountain Colony, Colorado Springs would become Colorado’s second largest city.  
General William Jackson Palmer created the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad in 1870 heading south out of Denver. It was on his path south that he created the town of Colorado Springs, the vision being a community with a resort focus, unlike many of the other Colorado towns being founded in the pursuit of Colorado’s mineral riches. The city did see its fair share of wealth and splendor, with residents like Spencer and Julie Penrose with their Broadmoor resort (the only five-star resort in the state) and Winfield Scott Stratton striking it rich with the Independence mine in Cripple Creek, bringing the two cities together during the gold rush days. Colorado Springs began to grow significantly post-World War II when the military started to become more of a presence in the area, including being home to the Air Force Academy and NORAD. The Springs has also been a very devout community that stays strong today with many houses of worship.

In the story, we get clues from prominent landmarks or areas of the city such as St. Mary’s Cathedral downtown. The animals come from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the highest zoo in the United States, and Garden of the Gods with its kissing camels. Colorado Springs is nicknamed “Olympic City USA” because it houses the US Olympic Training Center. It also reflects an admiration for the western spirit as home to the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame. Did you catch the reference to a famous song, the lyrics penned in Colorado Springs?  How about the nod to Will Rogers?  And the Antlers Hotel?  
Opus’s final comment, about moving feet to other legs, is a hidden detail in the Broadmoor Hotel.  Upstairs from the check-in desk you’ll see angels in the artwork on the ceiling, with laurel wreaths, festoons and everything classical. Just don’t look too closely at the feet on those angels.  On some of them, the feet are on the wrong legs!  The artists did this intentionally, honoring a long-standing tradition from Europe of having an artistic mistake within the building rather than a structural one.  Next time you’re at the Broadmoor, remember to look up; once you see them, you’ll be amazed at the little details the hotel and the whole city have to offer.   
There’s so much rich history and heritage for you to explore in the bustling community of Colorado Springs!  


Where Is the Colorado Desperado? Week 2

Jimmy Maddo, the Colorado Desperado, and his sidekick, Opus, are on the hunt to find Ophelia the Outlaw and stop her from her maniacal plan to take over the state! Where in Colorado is Jimmy hunting for Ophelia and the Bailey Baddies this week? 

Check for clues below. Learn more about Jimmy Maddo, the Colorado Desperado, and his Wild West adventures here. Let’s have fun and explore the places of Colorado digitally until we get to traveling again!  


“Ah, we got a’ incomin’ message from the Voice!” Opus said as he fidgeted forward to answer the call. Jimmy Maddo, Opus, and Professor Polly were in the

History-Mystery-Mobile, windows rolled down with their hair blowing in the breeze, continuing the pursuit of those Bailey Baddies, Ophelia and Lariat Louise. 

“Jimmy, new intel shows the Bailey Baddies heading north. It appears they want to grow a garden, as they’re after a special collection of seeds. Security footage shows them successfully breaking into the facility. Hurry, before they escape!” exclaimed The Voice over the speakers. 

“By golly, I know where they must be!” shouted Polly. “Get on that big highway headed north, and I’ll get you the rest of the way there.” 

“Yes ma’am!” said Jimmy. He stomped his boot down and the tires screeched.  They weren’t about to let Ophelia get away this time. 

As the History-Mystery-Mobile rolled into town, the crew heard a large boom and could see a small billow of smoke rising in the distance.

“There, Jimmy! I know darn well that’s where that Ophelia and her crooked cousin mus’ be,” claimed Opus. “Ya see them hills in the distance? It look like she done made her mark already, paintin’ a big ol’ A! She want the whole state t’know she’s here! What does that even mean, Jimmy?  Does she not know how t’spell her own name?” 

“Well now,” pondered Jimmy, “I reckon it’s representin’ that she’s AFRAID! Ha! She knows we’re gonna catch her!”

“Well, no,” sighed Polly. “I’d say it’s more of an academic association. My records show that she was quite the scholar and actually went to school here. She must be proud of this place, but why steal those seeds?”

The gang found the roads blocked, so they got out and walked toward the explosion. As they walked by the historic buildings in a beautiful town square, Opus had a feeling of déjà vu. “I swear, it’s a small world after all.  I been here before! I dunno how, I dunno when, but I been here!”

“No, you haven’t,” said Jimmy, “but I think I know what you mean, Opus.  I get the impression we’re walkin’ on the main street o’ Mr. Disney himself!” 

The crew drew closer and came upon the remnants of the explosion in the town. “Darn, they ain’t here. It looks like they were looking for a getaway vehicle. They’ve taken the seeds, and now they’ve blown off the doors to this bike shop!” said Jimmy, shaking his head in disbelief. 

“They left some clues, Jimmy!” shouted Opus, pointing to the tracks in the dirt and a small satchel that had apparently fallen off one of the suspects’ shoulders. Jimmy opened the satchel and found a scary surprise inside. 

“What in tarnation!?!” exclaimed Jimmy. “This bag is full of teeth! GROSS! And they ain’t human. No…these look like they came from a horse!” 

“They do look as if they come from a horse!  This Ophelia and Lariat Louise are truly diabolical. Quick!  If we don’t get them soon, who knows what will be next?” 

“You’re right, Polly. I’d recognize these tracks anywhere…looks like they took a couple fat tire bikes and they’re headin’ in the direction of the river. They can’t lose us now.” 

Jimmy and the gang sprinted toward the river. There, in the distance, they could hear the faint cackles of the maniacal duo. They crouched behind the thick growth along the banks and steadily made their way closer. Jimmy could now see the two, shovels in hand and burying their loot right there on the banks of the river.

“Gotcha!” cried Jimmy, “stop whatcher doing and hands in the air! There’s nowhere you can hide.” 

“Eeep!” screamed Ophelia jumping up, not knowing Jimmy and the crew were there. “Dag nabbit, Jimmy, you got us again. Why you always ruinin’ the fun?”

“Just what is fun about stealing the treasures of Colorado?” asked Jimmy. “I don’t even want to guess. We’ve had enough of this Ophelia ’n’ Louise. It’s time to put you behind bars.” 

Jimmy tied them up and then the crew jumped in the History-Mystery-Mobile, leaving before the local police could show up and take them away. 

“It’s a good thing we found the seeds,” Polly declared, placidly. “Some of them were serotinous and would never have sprouted there.”

“Those two are so rottenous, yes ma’am!” Opus answered, nodding his head wisely.

All was well, another day saved. The seeds were returned and the city felt safe again, thanks to the help of Jimmy Maddo, the Colorado Desperado. 

Where is the Colorado Desperado?  C'mon back next week for the answer!