Video: We're sharing indigenous people's stories differently

We've had numerous exhibits over the 140 years we've been serving Colorado, but none have been quite like the one that opened last month. Written on the Land: Ute Voices, Ute History tells the stories of Colorado’s longest continuous residents from the perspectives and in the voices of today’s Ute people. Bringing this exhibit to life took years of direct conversations and numerous face to face consultations with thirty members of the three Ute tribes.

In the video below our Director of Exhibit Planning Shannon Voirol shares with Ernest House, Jr., former director of the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs, how her team had hard conversations, actively listened, and built trust with tribal representatives to make sure the stories in this exhibit are educational, respectful and authentic. As Shannon Voirol put it in this other video, "We aren't experts on Ute history, Ute people are."

Although our crowdfunding campaign is over, you can still support this exhibit by becoming a member. Be sure to come see the exhibit too!

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