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Latest additions to the State and National Registers of Historic Places

Discover new additions to the National and State Registers across the state, including in Phillips county, along the Front Range, and near Timpas and in Walsenburg.

A selection of National Register sites in Colorado.
Image by History Colorado.

New Listings In the National Register of Historic Places

Harms Farm, Haxtun vicinity

John Nelson first acquired this property in 1894 under the Timber Culture Act of 1873, which promoted tree planting on the plains. By 1917 the Gansemer family began farming the property. Today Gansemer’s descendants continue the successful farming operation.

Oltjenbruns Farms, Amherst vicinity

August Welper began this 1917 farm with various crops and livestock. The farm is a collection of neatly ordered buildings sheltered by a large windbreak of trees representing the working landscape that evolved and changed in the agricultural economy.

Santa Fe Trail Mountain Route Trail Segments, Bloom Vicinity and Santa Fe Trail Mountain Route Trail Segments, Timpas Vicinity

These trail segments are part of the longer Santa Fe Trail Mountain Route that provided a vital transportation link between the United States and the newly independent Mexico fostering not only commercial trade, but also establishing social ties that were pivotal to regional development and expansion of the United States from 1832-1879. Contrary to popular perception, the Santa Fe Trail was not a single trail with two branches, but a complex transportation system made up of various routes, starting points, and destinations.

New Listings in the State Register of Historic Properties

Broomfield Denver & Interurban Railroad/Colorado and Southern Railroad Depot

Broomfield Denver and Interurban Railroad/Colorado and Southern Railroad Depot.

Broomfield Denver & Interurban Railroad/Colorado and Southern Railroad Depot, Broomfield

The 1909 depot is a combination passenger and freight railroad depot with living quarters for the station agent. It served the needs of both the Colorado & Southern (C & S), a steam passenger and freight railroad and its subsidiary, the Denver & Interurban Railroad, an electric intercity line. C & S sold it for $1 to the Jaycees in 1976, provided the Jaycees relocated the building, which they did. Since 1983 it has been a museum.

Peoples Presbyterian Church, Denver

This 1922 Mission style church is unusual in its specific application of the style to a religious building, lacking ecclesiastical features such as towers and appearing almost residential. The historically African-American congregation began in 1906, which has ties to Dearfield which was a 1920s African-American agricultural colony in Weld County.

Roof & Dick Building, Walsenburg

Since 1910 the Roof & Dick Building has anchored the heart of downtown Walsenburg, including stores like J.C. Penney and Ben Franklin. Today the building is the home of the Museum of Friends, a local non-profit dedicated to the arts.

Good to Know

National or State Register listed properties may be eligible for investment tax credits for approved rehabilitation projects. Listed properties may also be eligible to compete for Colorado State Historical Fund grants.  These grants may be used for acquisition and development, education, and survey and planning projects. The next nomination submission deadline is June 3. For more information, call 303/866-3392.