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Virtual Classes

Join us for virtual, hands-on classes on a variety of unexpected topics. These interactive, non-credit educational experiences for adults offer time and space to connect with fellow lifelong learners and our History Colorado experts. Classes meet from 6:30-7:30 pm on weekdays as listed.


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Urban Herbalism with Bridget Molloy
Tuesdays in May (5/4 - 5/25)

Explore medicinal plants of Colorado! Join us on a journey each week of plant identification, medicinal plant properties, recipes, and how to build your own home apothecary. Get ready for an exploration from your backyard to the mountains with a local Colorado herbal expert.

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When Zip Code Doesn’t Matter with Katie McKenna
Tuesdays in June (6/1 - 6/22)

Segregation remains an issue in Denver, as in so many other cities across the country. Who lives in which neighborhood and whether that neighborhood has decent housing, good schools, and well-paying jobs has been and continues to be determined by multiple, institutional policies and practices.

“When Zip Code Doesn’t Matter” connects the intentional and systematic racial housing segregation of the 1930s to political and social issues of today and sparks transformative conversation among participants.

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Colorado’s National Parks & Monuments with Dr. Holly Norton
Tuesdays in July (6/29 - 7/20)

In our online course on the history of public lands in Colorado we will discuss how federal, state, and local public lands were created in the context of the political events that drove the need for preserving open space. We’ll also be putting people back on the landscape, discussing how concepts of wilderness erased people from the lands, and what the future of crowded public lands may mean for Colorado.

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The 10th Mountain Division in World War II with Dr. Chris Juergens
Tuesdays in August (7/27 - 8/17)

We will discuss the origin, training, and deployment of the elite 10th Mountain Division during World War II. While most western armies had a tradition of mountain and ski troops, the US Army needed to play catch-up, and selected Colorado as the home for a new unit dedicated to this kind of specialized warfare. After years of training, the 10th Mountain Division participated in the brutal fighting in Italy during the last offensives of World War II in Europe.

In addition to looking at a variety of primary sources to bring this fascinating story to life, we will also discuss opportunities for further study, including research techniques and a summary of available historical materials and the institutions where they can be consulted.

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Supplies not included. Classes conducted on Zoom. Class sizes limited.