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Voices of Centro Humanitario: Labor, Barriers and Hope in COVID-19 Times

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"Voices of Centro Humanitario: Labor, Barriers and Hope in the Times of COVID-19” is a community memory and oral history project that explores the lives of low-wage Latino immigrant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Led and curated by Centro Humanitario’s community outreach team, the project brings together stories of hope, faith, struggle, and job discrimination from families in Colorado’s Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metropolitan area. The project aims to amplify and give visibility to the voices of immigrant workers little heard during the pandemic and to create opportunities for community listening, dialogue, learning and celebration.


Header image: Angélica Don Diego and Fabián Meraz photographed by Sarahy Plazola.

Transcript: My job was a very stable job, there was a check every Friday, every Friday, it didn't fail. So, well, we had no problems ... income issues, food issues, well, bills. So everything was fine. Let's put it that way. In my experience, as a result of this pandemic, I have discovered shortcomings in this country. I.. really before this pandemic, I think, I, well, I never saw, I never saw that of even wanting to cut the money until we could afford a gallon of milk in the next week. Yes, the difference was seen a lot as a result of this pandemic.

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11 people taking part in a zoom meeting for Centro Humanitario's Memory project. There are logos for Centro Humanitario, Museum of Memory, and History Colorado below.

“Voces del Centro Humanitario” Oral History Workshop.

Sarah Plazola; Marina Cruz; Patricia Grado; Blanca Madrid; Guadalupe P. Martinez; Alexis Sanchez and Dámaso Ahumada. 

Support and indexing: Brittny Saldana 

“Voices of the Centro Humanitario” is a collaborative project between the Centro Humanitario para los Trabajadores and the Museum of Memory. The project was part of History Colorado’s Preserving Colorado’s Hispano, Latino, and Chicano COVID-19 Stories initiative—with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities