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Get involved!

Women’s Vote Centennial // Colorado 2020 Toolkit

Get involved!

History Colorado invites organizations throughout the state, such as libraries, museums, art galleries, clubs, schools and theaters, to get involved by planning and hosting programs in their own community and by spreading the word.  For more information, speaker contacts or other support contact Jillian Allison at 303-893-4281 or at hc_cowomenshistory@state.co.us.  If you would like to submit your event to be included on the website, please visit our community calendar and post your event details. Read the “Community Partners Agreement” here for expectations and information regarding promotion and tracking participation in order to reach our collective goal of engaging 300,000 people across Colorado.  Logos, messaging and images are available for community partners to create a unified brand and the hashtag #HerColorado brings our social media posts together. 

We want this work to live on and to create a buzz within every Colorado community. It is only through partnerships and collaboration that we can reach individuals statewide and help tell the untold stories that bridge history with modern-day Colorado.


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