Colorado’s 150th anniversary

250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence

250 - 150 Events

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Share all of the exciting opportunities to participate in your local community! Open to community groups and organizations planning events and programs, this will be the best way to see what is happening around Colorado as we commemorate the anniversaries.

Events Calendar

Statewide Signature Initiatives

The America 250 - Colorado 150 Commission will create opportunities for everyone in Colorado to participate in the Sesquisemiquincentennial through a variety of signature initiatives.  These initiatives will engage Coloradans from every area in our state by creating memorable public experiences, commemorating our shared history, and by supporting Colorado communities.

Signature Initiatives consist of diverse projects ranging from community grants, historical activities, preservation efforts, public ceremonies, educational materials, and more. 

Signature initiatives are funded by our generous donors. Contact Commission staff at for information on how you can support these efforts.

250 - 150 Resources

Below are resources for individuals, communities, and organizations looking to get involved with the 2026 commemoration. Here you will find details on the Sesqusemiquincentennial, the America 250 - Colorado 150 Commission, and information on how to get involved locally. We invite you to share these resources with your local government, museums, libraries, and community groups.


America 250 - Colorado 150 Newsletter