PAAC Certification Information

Currently, PAAC is undergoing a major restructuring of the certification program. The newly restructured PAAC emphasizes flexibility in the participant's progression through the program. Certification is based on credit hours taken, allowing for greater flexibility in course selection than has been granted in the past. The participant may achieve increasing levels of certification, called Certification Tiers, based on cumulative credit hours taken. 

Participants who previously took PAAC classes will be able to begin in the restructured certification program at an equivalent Certification Tier and will retain any past certifications achieved. Equivalency will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the PAAC Board. 

Certification Tiers Cumulative Credit Hours Required
Tier 1 10 credit hours
Tier 2 20 credit hours
Tier 3 30 credit hours
Tier 4 50 credit hours
Tier 5 70 credit hours

When a participant has successfully fulfilled the requirements of a particular certification level, the completed record is reviewed by the PAAC Board. The PAAC Board will evaluate the records and must vote unanimously to grant certification. A certificate of expertise is awarded to the participant and announced at the quarterly and annual meetings of the Colorado Archaeological Society. 

Certification is only granted as long as the participant abides by the PAAC Code of Ethics. In the event of a breach of the Code of Ethics, the PAAC Board and PAAC State Coordinator will convene to determine what action should be taken. This action may include censure of the participant, the removal of any previous certification, removal from ongoing PAAC classes, and/or restriction on future PAAC registration. Class fees will not be refunded in the event any action is deemed necessary by the PAAC Board as a result of a bread of the Code of Ethics.