Our Grant Types

We offer two grant programs based on the purpose of your project and grant request amount.

Noncompetitive Grants

All noncompetitive grants aid in the planning and development of historic preservation and archaeology projects. The State Historical Fund offers six types of noncompetitive grants: Archaeological Assessment, Design Planning, Emergency, Historic Structure Assessment, Micro, and Survey Plan. 

Archaeological Assessment

Archaeological Assessment Grants fund initial archaeological data collection and analysis.


Emergency Grants are awarded to provide assistance to significant resources that are in imminent danger of being lost, demolished, or seriously damaged, and when the threat is sudden and unexpected, such as a fire, flood, hail storm, or other act of nature.

Historic Structure Assessment

Historic Structure Assessment (HSA) grants are awarded for the sole purpose of preparing a report on the physical condition of a historic building or structure in accordance with a mandatory State Historical Fund assessment scope of work.


The Micro grant supports grass-root preservation efforts. This may encompass any project type which could be applied for as a competitive grant but offers more flexible application timing for smaller-scale projects.


The Planning grant can include any planning documents which will help the project move forward, giving projects more flexibility to prepare for future physical work.

Survey Plan

Survey plan grants create a comprehensive document to help communities assess the current state of their survey documentation and make informed decisions regarding future architectural survey projects.

Competitive Grants

We offer two competitive grants twice a year, General and Mini. These grants can support archaeology, construction, planning, and education projects related to historic places. The grants vary by request amount, review process, and award announcement date.


The General grant is available annually in April and October, requires a cash match, and has request amounts ranging from $50,001 to $250,000.


The Mini grant is available annually in April and October, requires a cash match, and has request amounts ranging from $1.00 to $50,000.