Survey & Inventory

In order to facilitate Federal and State Compliance projects during the current COVID-19 shut down, the OAHP is recommending that site forms, survey reports, and GIS shapefiles, be submitted digitally.  For more information, please visit our Submitting your Data to Preservation Programs page.

Surveys may involve the identification of historic homes in a residential area, the recording of commercial buildings in a downtown district, or the gathering of archaeological information in a remote portion of the state.  These surveys are often spurred by agencies or municipalities proposing federal, state, or local projects or undertaken by local governments and organizations to support preservation goals and activities such as design review, historic designation, or heritage tourism.  Office of Archaeology & Historic Preservation and State Historical Fund staff is available to assist with the planning and documentation of these surveys.

Survey information has been collected in Colorado over the last 50 years and represents extensive field, laboratory and archival research by a wide variety of government agencies, municipalities, educational institutions, preservation organizations and the general public.

Information from these surveys is summarized in a computerized database and the original forms and documents are stored at OAHP.  This information is available to the public for a variety of research and management uses and to those individuals interested in Colorado's rich and diverse cultural resources.