Artifacts and Specimen at Approved Museums and Repositories

Information for Museums and Curatorial Repositories

The official rules and procedures that all State-approved facilities follow:

The official form/application and agreement to begin or renewal for State-approved status: (Please note on-site held-in trust agreements are developed separately)

A reference manual updated periodically for archaeological collections care in State-approved repositories:

Official State-Approved museum/repository loan agreement guidelines for state collections: 

The Colorado Curation Alliance Forum registration is now open. In the tradition of past Curation Alliance Forums, this mini-conference for State-Approved Museums and Curatorial Repositories (SAMCR) and those organizations/individuals interested in the program we are offering training, education and a behind-the scenes virtual tour of a partner repository. The agenda of the meeting will be a 1/2 day grant writing workshop (free for SAMCR's) (space is limited), followed by a presentation on the State Historical Fund grant program and then a virtual behind the scene's tour of the South Park Archaeological Repository. 

If you are a State-Approved Museums and Curatorial Repository please RSVP to to receive a free discount code when registering for the workshop and Forum. The workshop has limited space available. Please be sure to click and complete the "Enter Roster Info" link in the ticket ordering section.

More information on the grant writing workshop can be found HERE

All tickets can be obtained HERE

Please see the Forum Flyer which you can downloaded below:

Curation Alliance Forum Flyer

Curation Alliance Forum 2021 October 14th Final Agenda