How Do I Nominate My Property?

Step 1: Contact our office to get the process started

  1. Contact the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (OAHP) by phone (303-866-3392) or e-mail to find out what is already known about your property
  2. Obtain a Preliminary Property Evaluation Form (Publication #1419) to record the property so a determination of eligibility can be made.  Learn about National Register of Historic Places Fundamentals.
  3. If OAHP determines that the property is eligible for listing, obtain the necessary National or State Register nomination materials.

Step 2: Conduct additional historical research on property

Helpful sources of information include:

Step 3: Prepare the necessary documentation

  1. Photograph the property.
  2. Prepare the nomination form and supporting materials.
  3. Complete nomination check-off list.
  4. Submit final draft nomination packet to OAHP. Nomination materials must be submitted digitally. Contact staff for information on file transfer options.
  5. Revise nomination materials as necessary with the assistance of OAHP.

Step 4: Attend a State Review Board meeting

  1. Attend a State Review Board meeting on the specified date. Properties recommended for listing are forwarded to the Keeper of the National Register, or in the case of State Register nominations, to the Board of the Colorado Historical Society.
  2. Receive notification of listing. (Only properties which meet the criteria for significance and physical integrity are approved for listing.)