Staff Directory

Meet the staff of the State Historical Fund

The staff at the State Historical Fund is dedicated to preserving the historic sites, buildings, and places in Colorado that make it a great state. We know that each community in Colorado has wonderful resources that provide a sense of place and heritage to those who live there. Staff is here to serve and help Coloradoans preserve these resources for future generations to enjoy. 


1200 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

State Historical Fund Staff Regions Maps

See the staff region for your county. Maps updated February 2024.



Marcie Moore Gantz

State Historical Fund Director 

Fun Facts

Favorite Hobby? Dancing
Favorite Historic Place? African Burial Ground National Monument, New York City





Andrés Borunda

Engagement Specialist

Region: Eastern Colorado
C: (720) 425-4955

Fun Facts

Next Vacation? Toronto
Favorite Historic Place? Rinconcito de Esperanza, San Antonio, Texas




Tax Credits and Incentives


Sara Kappel

Tax Credit and Incentives

Region: Statewide
C: (303) 549-6190

Fun Facts

Favorite Hobby? Running
Favorite Historic Place? Cairo, Illinois



Contracts Staff


Breanne Nugent

Contracts Officer

C: (720) 646-0608

Fun Facts

Favorite Historic Place? Monticello, Virginia
Favorite Hiking Trail or Campsite? Camping near Crystal Mill


Korbin Pugh

Deputy Contracts Officer & Property Protection Coordinator

C: (720) 644-7024

Fun Facts

Next Vacation? Gwangju, South Korea
Favorite Historic Place?  Chaco Culture National Historical Park


Katie Bates

Contract Specialist & Education Grant Specialist

C: (303) 548-9871

Fun Facts

Next Vacation? New Orleans
Favorite Historic Place? Los Angeles Theatre



Sophia Felder

Contract Specialist

C: (720) 916-1380

Fun Facts

Favorite Place? Ruby Hill Park, Denver, CO
Favorite Historic Place? Congo Square, Louis Armstrong Park, New Orleans

Historic Resource Specialists


Anne McCleave

Historic Resource Manager & Specialist

Region: Northeast Colorado
C: (303) 656-7050

Fun Facts

Favorite Hiking Trail or Campsite? Staunton State Park
Favorite Historic Place?  Davenport Bank and Trust Company Building, Iowa



Danielle Lewon

Historic Resource Specialist

Region: Southeast Colorado
C: (303) 817-7439

Fun Facts

Favorite Song? Standchen, Schubert
Favorite Historic Place? Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah 



Jacob G. McDonald

Historic Resource Specialist

Region: Western Colorado
C: (303) 824-9769

Fun Facts

Favorite Song? Loading Zones by Kurt Vile
Favorite Historic Place? Cooper Molera Adobe, Monterey, California





Jenny Deichman

Preservation Planning Specialist 

Region: Statewide
C: (303) 482-6575

Fun Facts

Next Vacation? Oaxaca, Mexico
Favorite Hiking Trail? Square Top Lakes Trail




Dr. Eric McCann

Archaeology Specialist 

Region: Statewide
C: (303) 241-0332

Fun Facts

Favorite Place? Hathor Temple, Dendera, Egypt
Favorite Hobbies? Hiking, Gardening, and Wild Food Foraging