History Colorado has published many books on the history of Colorado and the American West. Published works include biographies, anthologies, essay collections, materials for young readers, and more, and cover topics ranging from cultural studies to local and state history, art and culture, and much more. 

Many of History Colorado's published books are available online either through the History Colorado Store or through Bookshop. Others are available for individual copy retail sale, or wholesale upon request. To make a request or for more information, please contact or call (303) 866-4532.

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New Publication

The Sand Creek Massacre Exhibition Companion Book

The Sand Creek Massacre was the deadliest day in Colorado’s history, and it changed Cheyenne and Arapaho people forever. This is the companion book to The Sand Creek Massacre: The Betrayal that Changed Cheyenne and Arapaho People Forever exhibition at the History Colorado Center.

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For information about books in our collection and scans of out-of-print materials, please contact the Stephen H. Hart Research Center. For preservation materials, please contact the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. For membership information and brochures, please contact the Membership Office at or by calling (303) 866-3639.